CHS Class of 1963 - 39 Year Reunion

Welcoming Address
Class Address

    First the welcome.  Welcome to the 39th year reunion for the Class of  '63 and the 40th year reunion for the class of  '62.  Where did all those years go?  We're not old enough to be celebrating these events.  I can vaguely remember when I was in high shool and my parents were going out to my father's 25th year high school reunion.  I thought , boy they're old!  Now we're here for our 39th and 40th and no one is old!

    It is good to see all of you here recalling together our years at Columbia, especially those who traveled long distances to be here and recall our days at CHS.  Remembering all the fun times, the sad times, happy times, dumb times, silly times, humbling times- the "I can't believe I did that!" times- the times we remember and the times we'd like to forget- the times we shared together.

    Many of us returned to Columbia last night to walk the halls and stir up some old memories.  We recalled classes, teachers, friends, dances, plays, games, library and cafeteria time, the old shops and home ec. room, and maybe the auditorium balcony.  All the "stuff" we did during those high school years.  The times we can't go back to, but can certainly recall, hopefully with some quiet reflection, joy, and a smile.  We were all there at CHS and did "our thing."  That's our bond and what we share in common; we are all graduates of Columbia High School!

    "Down through the years" maybe we have forgotten some of the joy and help and most of the details, but I hope our overall feeling is one of happiness and contentment.  This day allows us to collectively share the memories together as we ask ourselves, "Where did all the years go?"

    Committee members worked for over a year putting this together.  We met frequently at Clear View Bag thanks to the hospitality of Bill and Debbie Romer.  Peter and Jean Trawinski prepared a memorial remembrance of our class mates who have died.

    After dinner we will offer "open mike time" for anyone who has a short, interesting story to share, any comments you may wish to make, or questions you have.  There are sheets on the tables for any questions you want to write down and ask to the whole group.  Be ready and start thinking of anything you might want to say.

Bob Flynn            
Bob Flynn